Living Organisms

Today our Biology Teacher told us to complete  these activities.

Activity 1

1) List 3 different living things which you can see in

Figure 1

2)  List five different non-living things which you can see in
Figure 1.

  1. 2 humans and a dog

2) A house, a glass, a stick, a tea pot and cup of tea.


Activity 2

A motor car needs petrol and air in order to move. It produces
waste gases.
a) Which characteristics of living organisms are similar to those
of a motor car?
b) Why is a car not a living organism?


a) The characteristcs of a plant is similar to a  car because a car needs petrol  and air and a plant needsoxygen and the sun.

b) A car is not a living organism because it is a machine, if you hit a car, it will not hurt him because a car is not a living organism.


Activity 3


1 Some yeast, sugar and water are mixed in a test-tube. The
diagrams show the test-tube at the start and after one hour.

a Which process causes this change?
A growth
B irritability
C reproduction
(D) respiration

b Excretion, irritability and reproduction are characteristics
A all animals and plants
B animals only
C plants only
(D) some animals and some plants only

c Which one of the following functions is carried out by green plants but not by animals?
A excretion
B growth
(C) photosynthesis
D respiration

d Figure 3 shows how fish react when the glass on one side
of an aquarium tank is tapped with a finger.

What characteristics of living organisms does this demonstrate?
A excretion and movement
B excretion and nutrition
C growth and irritability
(D) irritability and movement

2 Complete the passage below by choosing the words from this
excretion growth irritability movement nutrition
organisms reproduction respiration
A Living things are often called ORGANISMS.
B All living things release energy from their food in a process
called  EXCRETION, which happens inside their cells.

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