Biology Project Information

In this post I will put the information about the Biology project about cells. These sentences are part of the Animal Cell which we are going to make a model of with clay.

Cell Membrane: Forms the outer covering of the cell, and it is semi-permeable.

Cytoplasm: A jelly-like material where all the other cell organelles are suspended inside the cell.

Nucleus: Contains DNA and directs the activities of the cell.

Centrioles: Organize the microtubules assembly during the cell division. Microtubules are hollow rods that function primarily as support and shape to the cell.

Endoplasmic Reticulum: A network of membranes composed of rough and smooth endoplastic reticulums.

Golgi Complex: Responsible for storing, packaging of cellular products.

Mitochondria: The site for cellular respiration and producers of energy.

Ribosomes: Made of RNA and proteins, and are sites for protein synthesis (a combination to make organic compound in a living thing).

Nucleolus: The structure inside the nucleus and helps in the synthesis of ribosomes.

Vacoule: Responsable for containing the water in the cell. Vacuoles are normale smaller in animal cells.

For Heidi With Blue Hair

  • The poem is about a girl named Heidi that dyed her hair blue after her mother passed away and going to another school in Australia where the school’s headmistress  fights with her and her father about the blue hair.
  • Adcock’s intentions seem to be to tell people going through the same situation that everything is going to be alright.
  • The structure and punctuation reflects that is a story being told by a 2nd person narrator, this means that she is talking to her in the poem.
  • later
  • The teachers and the headmistress are made to sound ridiculous by kicking out Heidi from the school because of her blue hair.
  • The voice of the poet is mocking because Heidi and her dad mock the headmistress. The mood and feelings I can recognise are


WW1 Poster by Mati Carreira, Mati Hartmann and Juana Navarro

WW1 Poster

This is the poster about the important things of WW1. My topic was the Trench Warfare and i only used one of the links provided by Lenny: Trench Warfare Source.  The most important thing I learnt about this assignment was that the life was nothing like I imagined, I thought thatwhen the battles finished the soldiers went to a battle camp. The tool we used is called thinglink and what I learned about using it was that its a mess and really hard to operate but we could do it anyway.

In my opinion the mark of my individual work is a 7 and the mark of the group work is an 8.

History Take Away Homework

Newspaper Article Zimmermann Telegram

January 22nd, 1917
United States is going to war!

A telegram sent by Germany to Mexico intercepted and decoded by British intelligence said that if Mexico helped them win the war they would help them take over Texas, New Mexico and Arizona! When they heard about this, they did not hesitate and started putting posters and advertisements telling men to sign up and fight in the war. The Telegram was dispatched by Arthur Zimmermann, a German Diplomat in the Foreign Office of the German Empire on January 19th 1917.

Picture of the Telegram sent by Germany

The interception of this Telegram will help Britain a lot because the United States Of America has decided to join the Triple Entente.