WW1 Poster by Mati Carreira, Mati Hartmann and Juana Navarro

WW1 Poster

This is the poster about the important things of WW1. My topic was the Trench Warfare and i only used one of the links provided by Lenny: Trench Warfare Source.  The most important thing I learnt about this assignment was that the life was nothing like I imagined, I thought thatwhen the battles finished the soldiers went to a battle camp. The tool we used is called thinglink and what I learned about using it was that its a mess and really hard to operate but we could do it anyway.

In my opinion the mark of my individual work is a 7 and the mark of the group work is an 8.

One thought on “WW1 Poster by Mati Carreira, Mati Hartmann and Juana Navarro”

  1. Great job, Santi!

    I really liked your explanation of the work and final reflection. I’m sorry Thinglink was so challenging! However, you sorted it out nicely!

    I also believe you deserve more than 7! 🙂

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