Explicacion del Video de Geografía

En la ultima clase de Geografía vimos un video que mostraba las distintas maneras que los mexicanos pasan a los Estados Unidos.

En el video se mostraba una familia, que estaba separada porque la madre y el padre llegaron a Estados Unidos, pero los tres hijos se quedaron en Mexico. La madre estaba afonica de tanto llorar. Tambien muestra que hay una mafia que ayuda a las personas llamadas “Coyotes”, los cuales esperan en un auto para llevar a las personas que cruzan la frontera para llevarlas a un lugar mas seguro. El video tambien nos muestra que hay un señór que ayuda a estas personas poniendo una estacion de agua.

Biology Proyect #3

   Same things:                                                                                      -All our mothers had an echography and blood tests

  • We all moved a lot
  • We all were born in a hospital
  • All our mothers went to see a doctor as soon as they found out they were pregnant.
  • We did not have any difficulties at the time we were born.


Different things:


  • Some of us were breastfed, others were not.
  • One mom had a problem
  • Fede was born premature
  • Feli was calm at the time she was born
  • Our births did not last the same time as others
  • We were not born at the same time as each other
  • Our parents had different ages when each of us were born
  • Fede had special precautions when he was born

League of Peace

Throughout the last month we have been working on a practical involving the League of Nations. I am with Nicolas Larralde, Felicitas de Simone y Federico San Lorenzo.

Wilson’s diary entry

Dear diary,

I am very stressed of what has happened. I can’t believe that no one thinks like me. America voted not to join the league of nations.

Although I may agree with some reasons I still think that we should be part of the league, despite the fact that I understand the preoccupations of my people, I stick to the idea that it will bring a lasting peace.

In my opinion, we should have entered the league because we would have had the peace that we all dreamt of. First of all, I had the idea of forming the league of nations, I also created the 14 points. Besides, we all have the same objective, no more European wars.

I strongly believe that USA has to think again the decision of not getting involved in the league. Hope this problem is solved.

Write you tomorrow,

Woodrow Wilson.


2)  Collage


We did the collage in “ThingLink” where we included text and images. Click the link to see it.


3) “Diamond 9” diagram


4) Human Sculpture

The picture shows how the League of Nations was more worried about their public image and their necessities, than people’s problems. The person in the middle (Nicolas Larralde) represents a balance and how the League of Nations saw the situation. The person in the left (Santiago Guerrico) represents the League’s public image and necessities and the person in the right (Felicitas De Simone) the people’s necessities. This shows how their own necessities and their public image weighed more than the people.


5) Rap

The League of Nations was an organization, with a lot of frustrations,

They sometimes succeeded, but they did not always get what they wanted and needed,

They helped many sick, poor and homeless people, they wanted everyone to be peaceful,

Although they seemed to do the right thing, the justice was not always everything,

They cared more about their image,

than the people’s necessities.


6) Map Bulgaria

In the map presentation we talked about what happened and how the League of Nations solved the conflict.

Biology Rap

Our Biology teacher assigned us to make a rap song explaining the menstrual cycle. Here it is:

Inside the ovary, a follicle with an egg is developed, uterus lining repairs like it doesnt care.


Follicle bursts, egg released, fertilisation can occur like a formation.

Uterus lining thickens, ready for embryo if the egg is fertilised, very organized.


Egg not fertilised? Thickness not needed. It breaks down, and it is lost through the vagina.