Covid-19 Rap

Here I leave you the song I made with Lucas:

You don’t have to panic, you should stay at home, don’t be scared, cause you’re not in this alone. Don’t feel like you are locked up in a dome, to cheer up you could watch funny videos on google chrome. You should be careful, but this ain’t a nuclear bomb, wash your hands until they start to make some foam. If you feel inspired you may want to write a poem. If you don’t feel like your own, feel free to call somebody with your phone.  Go to the grocery store and grab things that are delicious, if someone coughs, do be suspicious, because this virus is malicious, grab fruit, that’s very nutritious, be very ambitious

Reflection on Online School

In my opinion normal school is much better because right now everyone is giving us way more work to do than per usual, and my eyes hurt at the end of the day because of staring at a screen for 8 hours. What I like about virtual learning is that I can wake up later than I used to, I can be in class with my pajamas on, or I can work from my bed. another cool thing is that on breaks I can play with my playstation. All in all, not that bad of an experience but at times it can be very hard.