The Start of the Cold War: Looking back on my work

I had 3 different activities that I feel like helped me the best way to comprehend the complexities of the Cold War.

The Cold War through multiple intelligences: What I did in this activity is explain what led to the cold war, different ideologies back then. This helped me because it helped me understand the cold war better, I worked with a partner, and because most of the activities were fun.

History Mock Questions: In this activity I worked with a partner and we did two exam questions and an essay. This helped me because it was the first time I had done an essay in quite a long time, and because it was a closer look of what we will be doing when we sit for the IGCSE’s.

Flipgrids About the Cold war: This activity consisted in recording yourself explaining a topic or a cause of the Cold war, my topic was “The Nazi-Soviet Pact”. I really liked this activity and it really helped me because I was unconsiously studying when I was talking. Because of this, I know most of what happened and what led to the Nazi-Soviet pact off the top of my head.

— One activity that I could’ve done better is definitely the Cold War Note-Taking , because the day the class did the activity with the questions there was a blackout in my building, and I could not do any activities that day because the blackout happened at night and my phone was dead.

  • The mark that I would give myself for my attendance, participation, and quality of material is an 8, because I have been working hard in my opinion, but maybe I have not participated as much as I should have.
  • The resolution I’m ready to make for the remaining of this term is to participate more, and not just in History, in other classes too.