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One Art

  1. What do you think the poet means by “the art of losing” and how serious is she about this idea?
  2. How important is the poem’s form to your reading of it?
  3. What effect does the refrain have upon your understanding of the poem’s tone? How does the meaning of this single line change throughout the piece?
  4. What are we actually meant to believe about the poet’s reaction to her losses?
  5. How honest is the poet with herself? With her readers?

1. I think that by “the art of losing” the poet means that it is easy to lose something, so overcome it. She isn’t that serious about this idea.

2.  The poet changed her mind in the last stanza.


4. I believe that when she lost someone, she felt really sad and it wasn’t such an easy task to get over it.

5.  The poet isn’t honest with herself until the last stanza and she isn’t honest with the readers because, if she can’t even be honest with herself, how caan she be honest with her readers?